Tom Quesse

Graphic Design & Marketing

"A creative who specializes in Design & Marketing"

Tom Quesse is a creative who specializes in Design & Marketing. He has over 5 years experience working professionally as a designer. Tom prides himself on producing projects that exceed his client's expectations. Over the years he has gotten used to working with tight deadlines and finding success under pressure.

Being a team player is a crucial skill for any designer. Tom is careful to leave his ego at the door when starting a project. Every design is a chance to learn something new and to collaborate with others to create something unique.

A Bit About Tom

In his free time, Tom travels to new places whenever he gets the chance. He also loves to branch out into different creative spaces including writing, tabletop game design & the elusive art of pizza making (dough can take more creativity than you'd think!).

If you have a project in mind that you would like to work with Tom on, he would love to hear about it. Send him a message to get started!

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