Tom Quesse

Graphic Design & Marketing

Atlantic FCU

Website Design | Project Lead, LKCS

Atlantic FCU came to LKCS with the need for a website redesign. I was chosen as project lead, which meant I would be creating the design and working directly with the client.

Located in New Jersey, I saw that their branding had strong connections to the ocean. When going forward with the design for this site, I expanded on this connection and used it to create a unique, modern design concept. The bright color scheme and focus on people helped to create a friendly atmosphere.

A Focus On Action

I wanted the user to have ample opportunities to take action as they browsed the site. By strategically using the bright color pallette and layout, the design aims to assist the user in easily finding and acting on their goals.

It was a treat to work with the team at Atlantic to create this new experience for their members. This site went on to win recognition from The Davey Awards!

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