Tom Quesse

Graphic Design & Marketing

Financial Plus Credit Union

Rebranding & Website Design | Project Lead, LKCS

Financial Plus Credit Union was looking to refresh their current branding alongside the design and launch of a new website. This incorporated a full redesign of their logo and creating a style guide for updated colors, fonts and standards. These changes modernized the branding and set Financial Plus up to use it across all aspects of their business. It's made to look crisp, clear, & natural when used in both digital and print materials.

See for yourself how this branding has been used throughout their new site and in the completely new facility that they built after the project was finished!

Large-Scale Project

Working on this project was such a privelage. Any time that you are trusted to design and rework the branding for an established company, it is truly an honor. They are relying on you to bring them into the future. Branding needs to be relevant for the current times, but also have the staying power to confidently move forward.

This was a large task with a lot of moving parts. The branding had to work across all media and there were many options presented to the client. Working directly with their team was a blast. We were able to refine the design down to what you see here.

The website went on to win recognition from the W3 Awards!

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